Some of our services:

•Terms, pricing negotiations
•Factory survey
•Engineering, technical support for sample test and approval
•Operation coordination between clients and suppliers
•Inspection and quality control
•Shipment and logistics
•OEM/ODM project development
•China business trip/exhibition visit arrangement
•General consultancy to clients about the trend and status quo on the manufacturing industries in China

IPO function and values:

Sourcing –Collect product/supplier information
–Negotiate price/factory survey
Merchandise products /orders
–Control procedures of order
–Negotiate business terms
–Control the delivery date
–Inspect quality of products
–Shipping / logistic
Regular Service
–Supplier chains management and report
–Provide market information
IPO Value
–Cost handling
–Products quality
–Orders merchandise, on time delivery date
–Up-to-date product management
–Your people, your office! no needs to invest huge manpower, management and build up branch office.


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