JAL International Corp., founded in 2003, is a leading professional China and Taiwan based purchasing agent office, well serviced the customers from different countries and different product industrial.

Here at JAL, communication is the key. It is very important that we communicate with our customers and as well with our suppliers. As manufacturers in China are still far behind the expectations of many foreign companies in terms of communication, interpretation of expectations, deliverables, understanding of quality control and internationally accepted standards.
Since we regularly buy large quantities of goods, we are in a strong position to negotiate & work seamlessly with factories to ensure you receive quality products, on time. We offer you the benefit of price, on-time delivery, reliability and first class quality control.

Our customers are very important to us and so in order to help provide them with what they need, we offer a range of different services.

Product Sourcing
We help companies and people find the right items at the right price. We can provide for all your sourcing needs. We have found the best quality products at the greatest value. Everything we source for our clients can be customized with personal branding and our own personal guarantee of excellence. Most important is that we do not charge consultancy fee.

Produce Client Concepts
JAL Corp is not only just cater for OEM clients, but we also offer our services to ODM clients too. With our experience, no matter the product, we can help to find the best manufacturers to meet with client specifications and turn your concepts into a reality.

Import/Export Programs
With our extensive knowledge of the local market and regulations, we can help design client specific programs for importing and/or exporting goods to and f-rom China. We have great connections all over the world so we can always ensure an appropriate distributor will be found. The global market may stretch far and wide, but with our help, nothing is out of reach.

Quality Control
Our quality assurance team spans all manufacturers in China, conducting on-site visits to ensure all products meet the quality standards as established by our customers and on-time deliveries specified by customers. We provide Factory Evaluation, Initial Production Check, Online Inspection, Loading Supervision. JAL Corp as a stringent quality control system and we guarantee that any product that is distributed by us is of the highest quality and meets with all local and global standards. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Getting products f-rom their origin to their destination can be a real nightmare, but we at JAL Corp can take care of all the headaches for you. With our experience and our wide network, we will ensure that all products reach their destination in a speedy, yet tidy, manner.

Active Agency For Local Factories
To broaden the market for local factories, JAL can help by acting almost as an agent, allowing them to enter the international market. With the current pace of the world market, the globe is truly becoming a smaller place and it is our hope to bring buyers and sellers that much closer together.

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