PC Accessories
PC Accessories
--Input Device: Office Mouse & KB, Wired & Wireless (2.4G, BT)
--Speaker: 2.0, 2.1 & 5.1, Portable Speakers, Outdoor Speakers
--Bluetooth speaker
--Data com & Connectivity: Hub, Docking, Type C Converter
--Cable & Computer Cable, USB Flash Disk & SSD
--Webcam, & DVR
--Computer Bag & Protective sleeve & mouse pad
--Notebook accessories: holder & cooling pad
Mobile Accessories
Mobile Accessories
--Mobile APP Device : Bracelet, Watch, Finder etc.
--Chargers: Wireless Charger, Travel /Car Charger, PD Charger, etc.
--Power Bank: USB, Type C, Quick Charging, etc.
--BT Speaker/Earphone/Headphone
--Phone & Tablet holder & Car Holder
--Phone Case & protect film
--Stabilization & Sport camera
--Other Products : Selfie, Stylus , Charging Cable,
--Selfie Ring LightT, Fan, cable winder etc.
Gaming Devices
Gaming Devices
--Gaming Device: Steeling Wheel, Gamepad, Joystick, etc.
--Gaming Mouse & KB, Gaming Mechanical KB, Mousepad
-- Gaming Headset
-- Smartphone Gamepad, Gaming Chair.
LED Lighting
LED Lighting
--Commercial and office LED Lighting: Downlight, Track Light, Tube, Panel, Track System
--Outdoor LED: Flood Light, High Bay, Garden Light, etc.
Optical Glass
Optical Glass
--Single version, Progressive lens: Photochromic lens, Polarized lens etc.
-- Acetate frame, metal frame, Titanium frame , etc.
-- Smart mirror & Eyeglasses display
Other Assortments
Other Assortments
-- Smart Home: Smart plug, LED Bulb, Burglar Alarm, IP Cam, TV box etc.
-- PPE (Personal Protection Equipment): Glove, Gown, Mask, UV Light, etc.
-- Xiaomi supplier Chain: Projector, Electric skateboard, vacuum cleaner, sweeper, surge protector, smart door lock etc.
-- Customer interested category: We are committed to researching all kinds of industries and products that customers are interested in.


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